Balance and Peace Candle Gift Box Small


Shipping Weight: 2kgs

This beautiful gift box is not just stunning, Amethyst is known for it's calming, clearing and uplifting properties. It's the all round healer and encourages peace, balance and harmony, by combining the burning of the candles it will allow yourself to slow down, reset and relax. Clear your mind and let go of any sadness and pain. Nurture yourself during the burning of the candles. Let go of any frustrations and negativity, uplifting your mood and increasing clarity, instilling balance and peace.

This is a great gift for a house warming, birthday or even a get well, bringing great joy. 

Pack Includes:

Infused candle is 400g

3 scented tealights

1 spa tealights 60g each

2 maxi tealights 45g each

1 Amethyst Crystal Cluster 100 -200g

1 suitcase 20cm wide x 16cm deep x 8cm high

This product was last updated on Thursday 11 July, 2024.