Mattress Spray 300ml


Model: EM00300
Shipping Weight: 0.8kgs

Euclove Mattress is a unique, natural way to help keep families safe from bed bugs, mites and lice even as we sleep.<br><br>

We have blended the powerful natural insecticide Indian Neem & Eucalyptus essential oils to help protect from nasty bed bugs, lice and mites, then enhanced the blend with Vetiver and Lavender essential oils that are known to help reduce stress and anxiety so that you can settle in for a good nights sleep.<br><br>


After you have removed your sheets and pillow cases for changing, spray Euclove Mattress at arms length directly on mattresses and pillows, allow to dry for a few minutes so not to leave bedding wet.  Once touch dry put on your fresh linen.  Euclove Mattress leaves your bedding smelling so beautiful and fresh.  <br><br>

As the product is natural, please shake well before use. Spot test as required before use.<br><br>

Avoid getting in eyes. If in eyes, wash in cold water and seek medical attention if symptoms persist.<br><br>

Certified Cruelty Free and Made in Melbourne, Australia.<br><br>


Neem Oil, Country of Origin: India<br>

Eucalyptus Oil, Country of Origin: Australia<br>

Lavender Oil, Country of Origin: France<br>

Vetiver Oil, Country of Origin: India<br>

Plant based alcohol, Country of Origin: Australia<br>

This product was last updated on Tuesday 05 April, 2022.