Waffle Microfibre Cloth


Model: ECLM0001
Shipping Weight: 0.2kgs

When it comes to cleaning, in addition to good products, you need quality microfibre cloth to get the job done.

Our microfibre range makes it a breeze.

Euclove® Premium Waffle Microfibre Cloth is super absorbentand quick to dry, thanks to the easy air flow through the cloth.

Although effective for any general purpose cleaning use, it is perfectfor the Kitchen, Bathroom and other wet areas.

The premium weight of the cloth is one of the best in the market at an affordable price.

Lasts really well even after repeated use.

Size: 35 cm x 35 cm

Weight: 480 GSM

All our microfibre cloths:

  • Are machine washable and looks great right out of the dryer!
  • Resist wrinkles, mildew, stretching, shrinkage, abrasions and most stains
  • Are shrink resistant and high-strength making them last longer
  • Resist static cling when compared to other fabrics
  • Stay vibrant longer and don’t fade easily
  • Are machine washable and looks great right out of the dryer!

Care Instructions:

Caring for your microfiber towels is very easy. You just have to keep a couple simple things in mind and you can keep your microfiber towels looking "like new”. You can wash and dry your microfibers at home in your own washer and dryer. Wash with warm water and a mild detergent (liquid detergent is preferred to powdered detergent).

  • Do Not Dry with high heat
  • Do Not use Fabric Softener or Dryer Sheets
  • Do Not wash with other cotton items, separate colours, do not wash dark and light colour together
  • Do Not Dry with high heat

Bleach will break down the polyester and polyamide fibres. Fabric softeners or dryer sheets will coat your fibres, making them less effective. If you do not want your microfiber towels to lint, do not wash them with cotton fabrics. The lint from the cotton items will get trapped in your microfiber towels causing them to lint the next time you use them. Drying your microfiber towels with high heat will literally melt the fibres. Instead, tumble dry with low or no heat.

This product was last updated on Monday 25 April, 2022.