Celestite 10-15g each


Model: H-TCLT4
Shipping Weight: 0.05kgs

Calming Clarity Prophecy Psychic Gifts Healing Positivity Serenity Supportive

  • Celestine has a strong stimulating effect on spiritual and psychic gifts.
  • It has strong metaphysical properties that will help you to develop the gift of prophecy
  • It is excellent for your emotional state as it is calming and uplifting It aids mental clarity as it clears and sharpens mental faculties
  • The stone is so beautiful to look at and its energy is sweet and harmonious, yet it packs a spiritual punch, which is something of a surprise.
  • The blue stone is the most common, and although some of the others may be powerful stones for metaphysical purposes, they may be more difficult to acquire. 
  • This lovely mineral exudes a lovely positive healing vibration. 
  • It will also help to clear negative energy, and has the healing qualities of assisting the lungs and breathing
  • There are many other side benefits that may come through during use, such as calming anger and creating patience and serenity. 
  • It has the potential to also aid with dream recall, and may make your cells open to healing from the angels. 
  • Its energy while you sleep imbues you with a positive vibration, that will stay with you in the morning. 
  • It is extremely emotionally supportive and an aid in cleansing your etheric field.

This product was last updated on Sunday 31 March, 2024.