52 Weeks - A Journey of Self Discovery


Model: APW52W
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One Year is back with a brand new name and a complete redesign. It is, in short, stunning.

Featuring evocative words by Deborah Glover, and photography by Alexandra Mann.

52 weeks – a journey of self-discovery is an evocative exploration of individual awareness that will open the door to an abundance of life-changing ideas. Use the weekly activities to unlock, experience and embrace the inner you.

The sensual you. The mindful you.

Reacquaint yourself with your senses and transform the way you see yourself.

52 weeks offers women of all ages the perfect pathway to develop a rich tapestry of exquisite experiences that will change the way you live, work and play.

Breathe, believe and receive.

This product was last updated on Wednesday 26 June, 2024.