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Hanako River Rock Essence


Model: HT-RRE
Shipping Weight: 0.5kgs
RIVER ROCK: peaceful solitude

This essence is beautiful for helping us tap back into the peaceful, enjoyment of solitude and stillness that can be found in the heart of the Earth. This essence helps us to sit and connect with one’s own stillness within, where the heartbeat is slow, steady and calm. Refreshing and cleansing the filters of our glass that we see through to see the beauty in all, helping you to see behind the facades and recognize the purity of the universe and how everyone and everything fits a piece of the puzzle. It is enriching, fulfilling and very grounding. Directions: If taking directly from the stock bottle, 2 drops under the tongue per day for 2 to 3 weeks. Store in a dark cool space when not in use.

This product was last updated on Saturday 24 October, 2020.