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Organic Earl Grey 40g


Model: LD-OEG-40G
Shipping Weight: 0.5kgs

Black tea from the cool misty organic tea gardens of Koslanda in the UVA district, Sri Lanka.

A classic tea, scented with oil of bergamot, full bodied and wonderfully fragrant.

About the Koslanda Tea Gardens
The Koslanda organic tea gardens are located in the cool, misty moun¬tains of Sri Lanka's UVA district. This estate, home to 596 workers and their families, has been producing "the green gold of the mountains" since the mid-twentieth century and began selling to the fair trade market in 1998.
Koslanda transitioned to 100% organic and biodynamic production in 1992. The estate promotes the recycling of resources through the use of cover crops, inter-cropping, and animal and plant waste recycling. Koslanda not only implements environmentally sustainable methods of production, but also encourages bio-diversity by re-introducing indigenous flora and planting a variety of native products such as spices, coffee, and nuts.
The Koslanda tea estate is also committed to building a clean and healthy community for its workers.

Brewing guide

  • Leaf; 1 1/2 - 2 teaspoons
  • Temp; 95 °C
  • Time; 1 - 3 minutes

This product was last updated on Wednesday 28 October, 2020.