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Rechargeable Tealights 4 Pack


Shipping Weight: 1kgs

Each rechargeable tea light illuminates with the soft yellow flicker of a real tea candle.

No flame. No heat. No smoke. No mess.

great choice for mood lighting both indoors and outdoors.

Looks like a real candle! safe around children and pets. Lifetime flickering LED bulbs! soft light, romantic! but is safer to use, stays cool to the touch, and can be used anywhere you'd use a real tea candle.

Place the 4 tea light candles on the charger tray to recharge the built-in Ni-Cad batteries (6 hours). Light automatically starts to glow when you pick the tea light up off the tray, and it stays lit up to 12 hours on a full charge.

You can also use these tea light flameless candles to light up holiday decorations, jack-o'-lanterns, luminaries, and more...

They're safe around children and pets, and won't blow out in the wind. Australian AC adapter.

The beautiful candle light twinkles in the semitransparent cup,like the flicking candle light, which is real and natural.

This product was last updated on Tuesday 28 September, 2021.