Storm Glass 18cm High


Model: AE-SGM-01
Shipping Weight: 1kgs

The product is used for weather forecast. The product is made by High borosilicate glass, the quality of which is excellent.

If the water in the glass is clear, which represents that the weather is sunny,

If the water in the glass is cloudy, then the weather is cloudy.

Precipitation suspended, it indicates that the wet weather or frost

In a sunny winter day, there is a suspension of liquid, which means that it will snow

In a warm day or in the winter, there is a large precipitation in the liquid, which indicates that it will be cloudy

In the bottom of the cup, there is a crystals, which indicates that it will be frosty

A spiral pattern on top of that, the wind will blow.

Transparent Crystal Water Drop Weather Forecast Bottle 12cm High 6cm Wide

This product was last updated on Wednesday 25 May, 2022.