Scented Candle in White Matte Glass Jar 270ml


Model: SC-LC-BD01106
Shipping Weight: 1kgs
A scented candle immediately makes you feel delighted to be in the room, different scents can be beneficial to your room. We have over 70+ scents to choose from 

About Our Wax

We use 100% soy blend that has been designed to perform in climates traditionally adverse for candle performance. Hot sun and UV lights won't trouble this blend.

About Our Fragrances

  • All fragrances are manufactured in Australia
  • Our fragrances are premium grade, not diluted
  • None of our fragrances are tested on animals

About Our Glassware

Hand mould production process rather than blown or machine automation, this ensures they are stronger, safer and have a greater heat resistance than others on the market

Unparalleled clarity uniform across the jar.

 ** Average burn times depend on the amount of drafts, size wick is kept trimmed, fragrance type, etc.

  • Wax Qty: Approx 270g
  • Glass weight: 400g
  • Packed in a white box

This product was last updated on Friday 25 March, 2022.