Maxi Soy Wax Tealight Single 9 hours


Shipping Weight: 0.1kgs

100% soy wax Eco-Friendly,  tealights are 50g each, hand poured in a clear holder which allows for more light emission

We find that the average burn time is around 12-14 hours for each large tea light

Available in 70+ scents 

Packaged in shrink wrap and jute tied

 ** Average burn times depend on the amount of drafts, size wick is kept trimmed, fragrance type, etc.

We use Pro Wicks, they are coated in a special blend of priming wax which has been rigorously tested to enhance rigidity during pouring and burning, and to promote an even burn. All Pro Wick products are checked by a quality assurance team to ensure they are of the highest quality before being sold.

This product was last updated on Monday 01 April, 2024.